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Basic Programming in Scratch - Tutorial inspired by Girl Scout Brownie Badge 1 - Coding For Good

Whether you are a Girl Scout in the USA at Brownie level or not, this free programming tutorial teaches the basics of programming using Scratch online. In 30 minutes you will learn how to program an Interactive Ballerina Show. You will learn about algorithms, events, sequences, loops and commands.

The tutorial covers Steps 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the Brownie badge and you can also cover Step 4 by learning about women in Computer Science (See links below!)

Printable support sheets to accompany the tutorial can be accessed as a PDF here:

Watch these short videos to learn about two inspiring female pioneers in Computer Science: Grace Hopper (4 mins) Margaret Hamilton (5 mins) Then, watch these examples of women working in Computer Science now: Brina (Instagram Engineer) (2 mins) Tess (Engineer at Google) ( 2 mins) Or find out about women in Computer Science on your own.

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