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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

There are lots of fun gardening activities that kids can get involved in; they could try watering plants, weeding, blackberry picking or growing plants, such as sunflowers.

In the video below, Sky demonstrates how to repot house plants to give them a bigger home.

Growing cress is another easy activity that can be done in the home. All you need is an empty, washed out egg shell or an empty plastic pot. (Creative Tip:

Decorate the egg shell or pot to look like a face so that when the cress grows it is like the hair!)

Next, wet some kitchen roll and place it in the bottom of your pot. Then wet some cotton wool and place it on top of the kitchen roll.

Sprinkle about a teaspoon of cress seeds onto the wet cotton wool and press them down a bit with your finger.

Place the container in a warm, light place (-like a windowsill) and spray the seeds with a little water every day, to keep the cotton wool moist.

Once grown, you can chop the cress with scissors and add it to a sandwich!

Check out our video which demonstrates repotting plants at home...

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