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Make and Perform a Puppet Show

FUN CRAFT activity to spark IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY. Learn how to create fun character PUPPETS from lollipop sticks. Plus, find out how to make SNOWFLAKE decorations and how to stage your own puppet SHOW. Great for developing SPEAKING SKILLS and CONFIDENCE. (Suggestion: Use tightly rolled paper to create strong straws if lollipop sticks and pipe cleaners aren't available! Create whatever characters you like.) Watch our tutorial followed by the show 'Olaf's Birthday' in this fun FROZEN INSPIRED video.

In this short puppet show video, Zara, Lyla and Sky put on their very own Frozen themed Puppet Show 'Olaf's Birthday.' To find out how they made the puppets and to take a look behind the scenes, watch the video tutorial above ' Make Puppets & Create a Show.'

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